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Horizontal/Vertical CNC Turning

Our CNC horizontal and vertical lathes can machine parts from 2"‐84" in diameter and up to 144" long, weighing up to 20,000 lbs. Our lathes not only have the capability to turn large parts but we also have multiple machines. This provides additional flexibility to meet your delivery needs.

  Shaft for gear box: 8" diameter x 60" long, 850 lbs. Shaft for gear box: 8" diameter x 60" long, 850 lbs. Transportation part: 32" diameter x 44" long, 3,000 lbs. Transporation part for main bearing: 36" in diameter, 450 lbs.
  Hydraulic piston for plastic injection machine: 40" x 36" diameter, 8,000 lbs. Machine collet & plunger: 14" diameter x 36" long, 300 lbs. Machine spindles: 24" in diameter x 60" long, 4,000 lbs.  

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