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Bardons & Oliver also Machines Small Parts

Bardons and Oliver’s Contract Machining Group is well known for machining large complex parts. Although we’re very capable machining large complex parts, we’re just as capable of machining smaller complex parts.  B&O has multiple pieces of equipment capable of machining a 24” cube and under.

Our Makino a81, 16 pallet 24.75” x 24.75” (628mm x 628mm) shuttle machine with a Makino cell controller system is one example of our smaller work envelope.   Our Makino a81 boasts a 300-pocket tool changer with 3.2 second tool change time (chip to chip), Renishaw probing, ChipBlaster high pressure coolant system, up to 10,000 r.p.m., and is capable of operating unmanned.  It’s just one example of our equipment that is capable of efficiently machining smaller parts.

Bardons and Oliver wants to be your partner to drive out costs while exceeding your expectations. Please contact a Sales Team Member for more information.

Makino Cell



12.23.15 066


Bardons and Oliver’s Contract Machining Group is nearly complete with the complete rebuild of one of our large machining centers. One of our four multi-pallet K&T Orion 2300 machining centers has been 100% rebuilt and retrofitted with the latest Fanuc 31i-Model B CNC controls.  Additional upgrades include a rebuilt head stock and spindle, a redesigned linear way system for all axes, brand new Sony scales (X, Y, Z, & B), a Renishaw probing system, and a ChipBlaster high pressure coolant system.

We’re ready to get started machining your most complex parts. Please contact a member of our Sales Team to help solve your most challenging projects!

Rebuilt Orion 2300 Machining Center
Rebuilt Orion 2300 Machining Center
Rebuilt Orion 2300 Machining Center
Rebuild In-process
Rebuild In-process
ChipBlaster Model WV2-120 High Pressure Coolant System



Bardons & Oliver Contract Manufacturing Machines Forging Press Dies

B&O is currently machining forging dies made from a very wear resistant material. Our equipment is not only capable of machining challenging contours with multiple angles and radii, but we can confirm geometry using our 100% refurbished LK G-80K, CNC CMM utilizing our 3D inspection software, CMM Manager.  The pictures shown are of the raw material and the finished product.  For more information about our machining services,please contact one of our Sales Team Members.

IMG_1086   IMG_1077   IMG_1082

Fermat WFT13 + Large Parts = Success for Bardons & Oliver


Northeast Manufacturing Magazine, the regional magazine for Manufacturing News Online, published a profile of Bardons & Oliver’s purchase and use of Fermat’s WFT13 for machining large parts, both completely and in part.

Bardons & Oliver specializes in parts up to 20,000 lbs. and a 7-foot cube (finished size: X/Y/Z – 120″/78″/60″). The Fermat enables us to handle those parts where use of a horizontal boring mill is appropriate.

B&O personnel who were interviewed for this article included Ben Bailey, Brett Baldi, 1st Shift Team Leader Tom Bayus, CNC Machinist John Shields and B&O President William Beattie.

You can read the article online here.

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