About Bardons & Oliver Contract Machining

Bardons & Oliver was first incorporated in 1891 by Geo. Bardons and John Oliver, formerly officers with Warner & Swasey.  B&O first built small lathes for bicycle parts, but as time went by innovation kept pace with contemporary machine tool needs. In the present day, Bardons & Oliver continues to provide engineered solutions that fit their customer’s needs, creating new systems, revamping older machines and incorporating robot automotion into their systems.

After World War II, Bardons & Oliver began turning out machined parts for other companies. We continue to this day, providing services for both large and small complex machined parts.  Our company is employee-owned, so when you deal with our machinists, engineers and managers, you’re dealing with the owner.

To learn more about our services, check out www.bardonsoliver.biz.

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