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On Time, On Spec

Bardons & Oliver provides quality machining - large horizontal and vertical CNC milling, turning and boring - at our Ohio machine shop in Solon in northeast Ohio, midway between Akron, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio. We specialize in large parts machining, up to 20,000 lbs. and to a seven-foot (7') cube of raw material. We work primarily with ferrous and non-ferrous materials (aluminum and alloys), including a variety of raw material types such as wrought, forged, cast and fabricated.

We offer you a full-service experience, which means handling of all aspects of your requirements from start to finish –– with one purchase order. This includes sourcing raw material, machining parts, heat treating, coatings, assembly, full inspection / verification (using our recently updated CNC CMMs), part identification and packaging. Our engineers can also review your drawings to determine potential revisions to potentially make the manufacture of your parts more cost-effective.

Bardons and Oliver Contract Machining has been operating among machine shops in Ohio since the 1950s. Our parent company, Bardons & Oliver, which produces high-quality machine tools, has been around since 1891. We're still here because we continue to grow and improve our processes; we upgrade our existing equipment and add up-to-date machining centers to our present CNC machines. You can review our equipment list here.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business by producing parts for you - efficiently, on time and on spec. Let us be your partner in effective and precise contract machining.








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